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Savanna Kerb

Complete your contemporary driveway project with our durable and stylish Savanna® Kerb, one of the edge restraints available from our kerb and edging products. Designed with clean, straight lines to match perfectly with the Drivesett® Savanna® block paving range.

This kerb can also be used as detailing alongside all of our paving, helping you create the perfect edging. Drivesett® Savanna® Kerb is also easy to install and allows you to retain the different shapes and orientations of your driveway, pathway or garden.

  • Create separation and visual differentiation between distinct areas, helping to guide visitors in the directions you choose – whether on foot or by car
  • Helps to prevent vehicle overrun where grass areas may sit next to driveways
  • Maintain the integrity and strength of the driveway or garden paving they border, keeping pavers in place and restricting the growth of roots or grass
  • Improve the final appearance of a project, either through complementing existing features such as furniture and ornaments, or creating eye-catching contrast
  • Easy to install to retain different shapes and orientations
  • 108 Units per pack