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Symphony Elements Corten

SYMPHONY® Elements Corten replicates destroyed metals, offering the perfect industrial look to any domestic landscape. The Elements Corten range harnesses a rugged textured design and blends of lustrous colour, with lots of tonal variation within each colour option. Enjoy creating a statement patio area within your garden, through mixing of patterns and colour within each pack. Alternatively, create eye-catching border details with pops of colour and intricate designs.

With the Elements Corten range, you have the beauty of an aged metal design, but with the low maintenance benefits of traditional porcelain. Create your dream patio with a choice of four colours and one large 1000×500 plan size.

Each pack also comes with the correct amount of jointing compound for your project.

  • Industrial appearance achieved through the use of multiple colour tones and designs across each slab
  • Imitates destroyed metals, with a rugged-texture inspired design for a realistic finish
  • Long lasting colour, as porcelain paving does not fade with sunlight
  • Easy to clean and maintain as tiles absorb very little water, meaning minimal staining, moss and algae growth
  • Extremely durable, with all tiles being abrasion and frost resistant
  • Slip resistant, even in wet conditions with an R11 slip skid rating